Home of High Quality Munchkins & Napoleons

We ship our Munchkin and Napoleon Kittens to all available US destinations!

We make all shipping arrangements for our Munchkin and Napoleon Kittens so everything is worry-free for the purchaser!

We have experience shipping our Munchkin and Napoleon Kittens Internationally including South Korea, France, Canada and Russia. 

We live in Michigan, but are frequently in Northeastern Indiana as we own homes in both states.  Generally we can arrange to meet at locations in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois without difficulty.

We also welcome home visits!

All of our Munchkin and Napoleon kittens will be carrying the gene for rare  blue-eyed bicolor/calico so they will make excellent breeders !

Very selective breeding program on our original  Munchkin line based entirely on domestic long hair felines.....NO recognized breeds used  in the creation of our original Munchkin lines!

We have now added Napoleons!  A cross of our beautiful Munchkin line with the incredible blue eyed bicolor/calico Persian lines to produce some truly gorgeous Napoleon kittens who will also carry the blue eye gene.

We are located in Michigan and are frequently at our home in Northeast Indiana as well

Please contact us via email or phone:

Richard & Lana

Call me at 906-474-6516

Text me at 260-602-0639

email: MunchkinKittens@aol.com

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All kittens are litter box trained.  We specialize in blue eyed Munchkin & Napoleon kittens in most colors including solid white, bicolor, calico and color point.
At Mountaineer Munchkins we love blue eyes! 
Mountaineer's Pride and Joy


Gorgeous Blue Eyed Calico
Quality Kittens Available

Our Speciality is Blue and Odd Eyed Bicolors, Calico's and Solid White's