Litter Box

Young kittens are accustomed to a lower sided open style litter box.  Using a covered box right away may cause them to be afraid to use the new litter box.  Keep kitten confined to a small area or room at first as kittens tend to wait until the last minute to look for the litter box so you need one to be close by at all times when they are young.   As they mature they can eventually have full run of the house.  With some cats it can be best to have more than one litter box, especially if it is a multi-cat home.

We use Frisco Grass Clumping Litter for our Kittens and Adults.  I cannot say enough good about it!  As long as you scoop it daily then the scent is in the grass family.  No cover up scents are used.  We note ZERO dust when pouring the clean litter into the boxes even when standing and pouring from 2-3 feet above the box.  This litter clumps VERY tight and NEVER turns dusty.  It is the very best litter we have ever used.

This litter can only be purchased through


We have switched our cats to a mixture of Instinct Cat Food & Solid Gold Indigo Moon. Our Breeding cats also receive a raw diet meal most days. Your kitten will be used to eating a mixture of INSTINCT ORIGINAL KITTEN & SOLID GOLD INDIGO MOON.  You may feed either or both mixed.

If your kitten has any special needs for his diet aside from the above we will let you know.

Instinct Adult formula we use mixed with Solid Gold Indigo Moon pictured above:

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Covenia Warning

Please do not allow any Veterinarian to inject your kitten with Convenia antibiotic (can also go by other names). This drug has killed cats & kittens and there is a Facebook Page dedicated to this.  So many vets will swear by this drug for even the simplest malady such as even a little conjunctivitis of the eye.  Once it is injected there is nothing you can truly do if there is a reaction as it remains in their system for 65 days with nothing to counteract the reaction.  Some become lethargic and come out of it while others continue on with ‘failure to thrive’ and die.  We have seen this cause liver failure and extreme liver enlargement as the liver tries to filter this drug from their system.  As this point we know of 2 kittens who passed away in this manner and adult cats who suffered for months before getting somewhat over the reaction, though never back to what they were.

This is promoted to owners as being easy for them as its one shot and done.  However, it may be your kitten that ends up ‘done’.

Be proactive with your kitten’s health care and contact me if you have any doubts or concerns whether this is soon after you take possession of your kitten or years down the road.  We never stop caring about them.

Car Air Freshener

We have now had two incidents of a kitten getting very sick when traveling in a vehicle with the air freshener that clips on the air vent.  In both of these cases the brand was 'Febreeze'.  The symptoms are excessive drooling that lasts beyond usual motion sickness some cats can have, refusal to eat and in one case difficulty breathing as well.  These reactions were severe enough that I would also caution against using Febreeze in any form at home or in your vehicle for the safety of your kitten.

We are often asked what shampoo we use as the

kitten smells so good! 

We use
Lambert Kay Fresh N' Clean and lather twice. 

If the kitten is solid white or high white then we do the

first lather with
EZ Groom Crystal White followed with a

second lather of
Lambert Kay Fresh N' Clean.